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Jaivik Jeevan offers organic and sustainable products

Jaivik Jeevan offers organic and sustainable products

In recent years, sustainable farming has witnessed remarkable growth, primarily driven by the pressing existential crisis of climate change.

One individual contributing significantly to this movement is Sudhanshu Sharma from Bhopal, who has embraced organic farming as his life goal and business venture.

A graduate of LEEDS Business School in England, Sudhanshu is a passionate advocate of sustainable farming and cow-based agriculture, alongside his wife Susmita Roy.

Together, they market their products under the brand name Jaivik Jeevan.

Despite not hailing from a farming background, Sudhanshu embarked on his journey into organic agriculture. He initially faced several challenges as a novice.

However, his determination and hunger for knowledge led him to attend various camps on sustainable farming, agriculture, and organic practices. With newfound insights, he took the bold step of cultivating Aloe Vera on his farm, marking a turning point in his farming endeavours.

While exploring different avenues, Sudhanshu tried contract farming but encountered issues as some farmers engaged in dishonest practices. Undeterred, he delved deeper into the world of sustainable farming and never looked back.

He set up his brand store in the heart of his paddy field, and though uncertain about the start, he began selling his produce to family and friends, witnessing a surge in sales.

Drawing from his expertise in sustainable farming, Sudhanshu expanded his retailing activities. He achieved this by focusing on processing, designing, and packaging his products.

To ensure a diverse range of offerings, he partnered with other farms, collectively growing vegetables, fruits, and various ingredients.

His Jaivik Jeevan outlets now stock fresh organic produce, pulses, and more, staying true to his commitment to promoting and selling organic goods.

In January 2020, Jaivik Jeevan’s first store was established in Bhopal, positioned as the business arm of his organic farm.

The couple’s vision behind creating a direct-to-consumer brand was to enable people to access high-quality produce.

At present, Jaivik Jeevan collaborates with 12 farmers and ships products to over 20 cities, including Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai etc.

Their diverse product range includes pickles, chutneys, oils, spices, ghee, honey, fruits, and vegetables.

Since its launch, the startup has successfully fulfilled 20,000 orders, a testament to the growing demand for sustainable and preservative-free ingredients.

Sudhanshu’s inspiring journey exemplifies the impact of individuals driving nature-oriented initiatives for a better society.

As more people embrace sustainable farming for health and environmental reasons, the hope is for such stories to multiply and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

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