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Pune brothers earn lakhs with organic farming

Pune brothers earn lakhs with organic farming

The trend of organic farming has been growing for the past few years. Here are two banker brothers who made a bold decision to leave their lucrative careers and pursue their passion for organic farming.

Ajinkya and Satyajit Hange from Pune succeeded in organic farming. Their success story as the founders of Two Brothers Organic Farms is truly inspiring.

After completing their MBA degrees, they worked in prestigious banks like HSBC and Standard Chartered. However, they felt a strong calling to lead a simpler life in the countryside and follow their true interests. In 2012, they made the transition to full-time farming and launched their brand in 2017.

Their farming practices can be categorised into three main areas. They adopt entirely organic farming methods. Firstly, it involves using indigenous seed varieties and avoiding synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, ensuring the soil and food remain uncontaminated.

Secondly, they produce food products like peanut butter without the use of preservatives, fillers, binders, or chemicals. Lastly, they prioritize eco-friendly packaging, avoiding the use of plastic and employing electric vehicles and solar power for their food processing facility.

The success of their venture is evident from the popularity of their products, including emmer wheat atta, peanut butter, ghee, jaggery, and moringa powder.

Their achievements are truly remarkable. In their efforts to promote organic farming and engage the younger generation, Ajinkya and Satyajit have initiated many programmes. For instance, they established organic farming clubs in schools.

These clubs teach children how to grow organic food on campus, fostering an appreciation for sustainable agriculture.

Additionally, they organize farmers’ markets, providing a platform for farmers to directly sell their organic produce to customers.

Over the past five years, their farm has welcomed 9,000 farmers from 16 countries, facilitating community building and knowledge exchange. They have generated revenue in lakhs of rupees.

They believe in sharing their organic farming practices and techniques as there is a lack of formal education in this field.

Furthermore, they prioritize gender empowerment by employing 70 per cent of women from the local village in their workforce.

According to Ajinkya, the challenge for most farmers lies in marketing their products and obtaining fair prices in the market. However, he acknowledges that social media platforms and online marketplaces have transformed this landscape, enabling even small-scale farmers to connect directly with customers.

Various social media platforms like Amazon and Flipkart have provided a platform for farmers to showcase their work and communicate their messages effectively.

The inspiring journey of Ajinkya and Satyajit Hange serves as a testament to the power of following one’s true passion.

Their commitment to organic farming, sustainable practices, and community engagement not only transformed their lives but also inspired many others to embrace a similar path.

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