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Couple grows organic veggies on terrace

Couple grows organic veggies on terrace

Growing vegetables on their own at their homes is a trend now.

This couple from Madhya Pradesh is growing more than 35 varieties of vegetables on their terrace. Moreover, they are organic vegetables.

What’s surprising is that they don’t have much knowledge on growing plants in a limited area.

Not knowing anything about the gardening, this couple started their own gardening and set an example to many by inspiring them to do so.

Archana Bhargava of Bhopal had never engaged in gardening four years ago.

The couple were inspired by a course on Natural Living. They wanted to consume homegrown organic food.

They also learned to make jeevamruta to improve soil fertility. Hence they started growing their own veggies on their terrace.

With time, they also learned Agnihotra which is beneficial for plants as well as environment.

Initially they started growing 3 to 4 types of vegetables, but now they have more than 35 types of vegetables, fruits, spices and herbs.

Some of them include carrot, beans, tomato, bitter gourd, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, coriander, mint, sweet potatoes, grapes, pomegranate, sweet lime, figs etc.

They are growing some exotic vegetables like red beans and black cherry tomatoes as well.

The couple also prepares pest replants and organic fertilizers on their own at home.

Couple grows organic veggies on terrace

Couple grows organic veggies on terrace

In the initial stage, they used aged cow dung as manure. But, later they started using their own fertilizer, Agnihotra jal, which is made from fresh cow dung and Agnihotra ash.

They use their own pest repellant made of neem water, diluted cow urine, plain sour buttermilk and ash.

Several people in the city visit their terrace garden to learn the techniques from the couple.

Many of them started their own organic farming inspired by them.


Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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