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EarthFood – Affordable organic food

EarthFood – Affordable organic food

Earth Food, a startup based in Pune, proves that fresh fruits and vegetables free of fertilizers and pesticides can be sold at more affordable prices.

With their 307 acres of land of food, in a state known for its poor yields and despairing farmers, this company aims to change the entire concept of farming.

The Director of EarthFood, Nilesh Palresha, says how their efforts are aiming to solve the problems caused by the long time gap in between the harvest and selling of food, the unclean conditions of food transportation, the use of chemicals in the growing process, and the involvement of middlemen.

Palresha began EarthFood three years ago after leaving his family’s cement and construction material business, with an investment of ₹5 crore.

EarthFood had a tight budget for several months, but Palresha was determined to grow good with consistently good quality, and without any chemicals. The fruits and vegetables of EarthFood are harvested, inspected, packaged, and shipped all on the same day, reaching retailers in five hours and then the customers in eight hours.

They are even making efforts to cut the time for home delivery to a mere four hours. The options include broccoli, zucchini, and green chili, with onion and potato now coming in.

Although it was at first hard to get the right people on board, some of the employees now have master’s degrees in agriculture and others with MBAs in sales and marketing.

There are now ten members and twenty-five laborers in all. Palresha believes that branded vegetables such as theirs are the future of produce, noting that, while it may be a small market now, it will probably soon have considerable growth.

The company is planning to expand on this market opportunity in the future, such as expanding its amount of locations from twelve to thirty or even forty by the end of the year. Palresha notes their biggest success is their growth in home delivery, growing from twenty people to one hundred and fifty in two months, only by word of mouth.

EarthFood – Affordable organic food

EarthFood – Affordable organic food

This currently small market has many opportunities in the future of which to take advantage, and they hope to therefore spread their ideals of good quality food that all people can afford.

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