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Madhu Tugnait extends her hands towards Destitute Children

In a society where not many people care about the welfare of girl children, meet the lady who sold everything to start an NGO to care about orphans, destitute girls and single mothers as well as abandoned old people.

The lady who sacrificed herself is Madhu Tugnait. She is a Visakhapatnam resident for the last 22 years and is the wife of a former naval officer.

She now shelters abandoned children including infants in her apartment. She has a foundation called Iccha Foundation and is now set to start building homes and a school for children under it.

Generally, she takes care of children aged up to six years. There is even a girl who is seven month old with cleft lips. This girl was abandoned by her mother after birth.

Now she is receiving proper care form Madhu Tugnait. Madhu has stated that these children are brought to her by the police from government’s Sishu Kendra. These children are abandoned by their parents because of their physical and mental defects or because they are born a girl.

Madhu was a fashion designer and owned a boutique in the past. She would often hear news of children and old people being abandoned.

In order to start taking care of these people, she sold her jewelry and her flat to get the needed financial support.

In the beginning she had to go through a lot of troubles to take care of these children. But now she has settled in Visakhapatnam since the last 22 years and is helping children.

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