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Kanpur man marries a woman begging on roads

Kanpur Man marries a woman begging on roads

Nobody knows where their soulmate is. It is also difficult to say when is love born in one’s heart.

This Kanpur man found his soulmate in an unusual place. His name is Anil.

He is a driver by profession. He drives the car of a social worker. Besides, he involves in philanthropic works of his employer. Especially during the lockdown, he distributed free meals to many underprivileged people.

One day when he was distributing food to the poor, he saw a woman begging on the same road. Her name is Neelam. She sat on a pavement under the bridge among other beggars and was waiting for food.

Anil gave her a meal packet and asked about her condition. The conversation between the duo bloomed.

Anil’s car owner came to know about this. He did not object it. Ratehr, he asked Anil to distribute free meals twice daily to the poor. And their love story moved further.

Neelam shared her tragic story. Her father died several years ago and her mother suffered a stroke.

After that, her brother and sister-in-law threw both of them from their home.

With no way found to satisfy their hunger, she started begging on the street. The lockdown made her life more miserable.

However, unexpectedly, she received a good gift in the form of Anil. Anil used to come daily with his employer to distribute food to the poor.

After knowing about her tragic story, Anil wanted to marry her. He proposed to Neelam one day and she agreed.

The couple got married in the lockdown at an ashram. They followed social distancing norms. Few philanthropists attended their wedding and blessed the couple.

Image Reference: Indiatimes

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