Highgate Girls In USA Raise Funds For Indian Charity

Highgate Girls In USA Raise Funds For Indian Charity

Highgate Girls In USA Raise Funds For Indian Charity

Last summer, a team of eight young middle school girls from the Allentown area, Pennsylvania (USA) started their own small group or organization and named it the “Highgate Girls” for they all are neighbors who live in a community named Highgate. The purpose of this young organization – sole purpose is to raise funds for various charities.

With parents support and guidance, these girls decided to raise funds for AIM for Seva (All India Movement for Seva), a well known India based non-profit organization that provides FREE Education and FREE Basic Healthcare to the needy children in rural and tribal areas in India. The very enthusiastic and talented Vani Kamra and her friends – Sandhya, Harshini, Amyia, Veda, Megan, Sanskriti, and Prisha decided to raise funds for this charity. AIM for seva was founded by Late Swami Dayananda Saraswathi. AIM offers free hostel stay and education for children. Children as young as 5 years old can start their education with AIM until they graduate.

Throughout India there are more than 100 free hostels and projects in over 15 states, and this keeps growing – all operated by AIM for Seva. Students who received their education through AIM for Seva have become scientists, engineers and teachers, as also are working in other professions. These needy students are amongst the most poor, their parents work as laborers or helper in the farm or other low paying and hard labor jobs.

In almost all cases, the parents can send their children to the free government schools, but really not much else including coaching, counseling, and other types of multi-faceted education to prepare them for success in various stages of their career. AIM for Seva fulfills these and other roles including proper boarding, lodging and healthcare so that children can grow to their fullest and take part in the necessary competitive exams and interviews to move to next phases of their education of profession.

Vani and her friends put a Lemonade concession stand for four days to raise money. They wanted someone to sponsor and lend money to buy the food and other materials to setup and run the Lemonade stand. When the girls approached the well known local grocery store GIANT in Trexler town for help and support, GIANT agreed to sponsor this team with items needed to prepare Lemonade and get the stand setup! They have collected more than Rs. 10,000 in four days by selling the lemonade. As was their objective, these funds have been donated to AIM for Seva Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania, the US head office.

These girls wanted to help the children of their motherland. These girls are role models not only for children but also for adults. Charity work helps the underprivileged.  These girls minds clearly understood the purpose and raised funds for the AIM for Seva kids who are of their age but far less privileged than they are.

Good job Highgate Girls! Your contribution that you raised from the Lemonade charity event would help in a big way the under privileged kids who are in need of education. We are sure your parents are all proud of you, and in addition this event would provide you a great learning experience.

Please visit http://highgategirls.weebly.com/ to sponsor and support Highgate girls for their upcoming efforts. Visit them on Facebook: Highgate-Girls Charity, Twitter: Highgate Girls. AIM for Seva’s website is:  www.AIMforSeva.org

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