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Government school kids becoming robotics champions

Government school kids becoming robotics champions

These kids from government schools are rocking at robotics. These genius kids are just back from an unforgettable contest at the national level, the first Lego league challenge in New Delhi. The groups had been getting ready for the competition, coming in one hour early to school within the morning, and sometimes staying back 2 hours after school.

Nearly a hundred and twenty students of the Seva Bharat Trust Government school in Viveknagar are a part of a robotics programme for over a year currently, due to an intervention by Bengaluru-based not-for-profit Akshara Foundation, and Lego Foundation, Denmark.

Akshara Foundation had seen the unbelievable power of lego blocks within the learning method of youngsters in over two hundred balwadis in Bengaluru, forty anganwadis in remote Malur, in Kolar district, and in over forty anganwadis in Dharwad.

“All children are gifted equally. Given the same opportunity, every child can flourish,” says Ashok Kamath, the Chairperson of Akshara Foundation. Last year, The Transformers created a robotic programme that would regulate the switching on and off of a light bulb according to surrounding light. This year, for the challenge, their project is focused on answering problems in education.

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