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Hard Water Softener

Hard Water Softener

Hard water leads to several problems. You need more soap when you use hard water to wash clothes. Also, clothes cannot be rinsed properly.

Similarly, your kitchenware appliances and bathroom fittings begin to turn black if you use hard water.

Furthermore, if you use that water to bath, several skin problems would be developed including acne, skin dryness etc.

The hard water contains several inorganic minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, chlorides, sodium, bicarbonates, and sulphates.

If you want to install a water-purifying or softening device, you have to spend more money.

They also need a high maintenance cost.

In this scenario, two friends from Hyderabad wanted to find out a low-cost and environment-friendly solution to the hard water problem.

Rajesh Saraf and Uday Nadiwade from Hyderabad wanted their product to be cheaper, better and faster. After one year of research and hard work, the duo launched their product BEFACH.

It is a one-time product and there is no maintenance cost associated with it.

Unlike other products that are available in the market at around ₹30,000, their product is priced at just ₹3,600.

This hard water softener lasts for a year for households with the annual consumption of 3 lakh litres of water.

This bottle-shaped device has to be dropped in the water tank. There is no installation of any pipes. Nor does it require a plumber or electrician.

This device uses a food grade media or phosphates to remove the stickiness of calcium ions by breaking down the minerals and completely eliminating them so that they do not stick to walls, taps or buckets.

It is a zero-wastage product. As it does not need any electricity, it is cost-effective as well.

They launched their company, D’Cal. Their device is available on their website.

They are also working on filtered drinking water bottles. Their aim is to develop a nano-fibre technology so that the water inside the water bottle would be clean and fresh for drinking.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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