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Innovative paper pens that can help environment

Innovative paper pens that can help environment

Have you heard of the paper pens? The usage of ballpoint pens causes a lot of plastic usage. However, this new unique alternative, the paper pens, not only not depend on plastic but also contain seeds which let trees grow.

Quite often, ballpoint pens are used in the most expendable fashion. They are thrown into trash without a second thought. The millions of pens that people use without much thought do contribute towards environmental degradation.

In order to solve this problem, Lakshmi Menon, an eco-evangelist, came up with a solution. She runs an organization aimed at finding sustainable livelihood situations. She is a designer herself. Her organization called Pure Living comes up with different solutions for such problems.

Using her designer skills, she wanted to create an alternative for the plastic ball point pens. She successfully made a pen from waste paper. In order for them to be more environment friendly, she even planted a seed of tree at the bottom of each pen.

The idea is simple, once the pen is used up, it can be just planted into the soil. The seed at the bottom gives life to a tree.

Many times people tend to lose their pens. Even if you lose this pen, there is a chance that a sapling could be produced out of it.

These paper pens are called ‘Entree’. The name denoted the entry into eco-friendly living says Lakshmi. She did not want to use new paper to make these papers as that would require more trees to be cut down. Hence, the raw material she uses is the paper waste generated by printing presses.

She takes the paper waste and rolls it with a machine that she designed and patented herself. This machine allows the paper to be rolled tight to make them as tenacious as plastic pens.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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