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Delhi woman grows chutney greens

Delhi woman grows chutney greens

Chutney is a common recipe in Indian cuisine. Though the textures and flavours may vary, many Indians from different parts of the country prefer to have chutney in their regular meal.

Green chillies, coriander, and mint are used in chutneys for a good flavour. If you buy them in the market, they may wither in a couple of days.

So, to use them fresh, this Delhi woman created her home garden. Anita Tikoo is a landscape architect.

She has been growing different types of herbs, vegetables and other greens in her kitchen garden in just 100 square feet space. Among them, coriander, mint etc. are her favourites.

She termed her kitchen garden as ‘chutney garden’. She wanted to inspire people to grow a small chutney garden in their homes during the lockdown. It is a low-maintenance and low-space garden. Hence, any interested person can grow it.

She shares three basic steps to grow and maintain a chutney garden.

First, you need to collect your desired number of pots. If you want to grow only two types of herbs, for instance, mint and coriander, then you need only two pots; if you want to grow chillies also, then collect three pots. Fill these pots with soil.

If you don’t have pots, you can prepare a larger planter to grow these greens side by side. Yet, you need sufficient space for it.

You need not buy them from the market. Procure seeds of green chillies and coriander seeds and stalks of mint leaves from your kitchen.

Plant them in the soil and water them regularly. Use organic compost and homemade pesticide for these plants.

Anita also grows plants like tomatoes, ginger, and garlic to use them in chutney. Thus, her kitchen garden became her favourite chutney garden.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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