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Couple spreading cancer awareness

Couple spreading awareness cancer

Meet Ganga Kumar, an IAS officer and a member of India’s elite bureaucratic service who along with his wife, Sneha Routray, an architect has dedicated entire life to fight against cancer. They are trying to change the way cancer is faced and tackled in India.

The couple has always been focused on helping society. Together, they started the Grameen Sneh Foundation in 2009. The aim of that foundation was to increase public engagement in issues like health education, early childhood education, and art and culture.

Ganga is a 2000 cadre officer and he is posted in Bihar. The work from the foundation began there and Delhi-NCR. The couple’s life took a turn for the worse when Sneha was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014. With proper chemotherapy she got cured of cancer. However, the couple has decided what to focus on next. They decided to help people fight cancer.

Even today, there are many people living in rural parts of India who do not have awareness about cancer. Due to this lack of awareness, there are many cancer related deaths in the country which could have been prevented with the right information.

Sneha said that the reason she managed to get cured of cancer was because of timely diagnosis and treatment. She said that there are many people in the country who do not know about information related to cancer or the various stages. She said that India needs a large cancer awareness campaign.

After they have decided about the need for awareness campaign in India, they started a programme called “Hausla” through the the Grameen Sneh Foundation, through its programme “Hausla”. The word translates to courage. The programme is to spread cancer awanress in rural areas through workshops and seminars.

The couple spends most of their free time with the foundation to help more people.

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