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Cancer drugs to be cheaper

Cancer drugs to be cheaper

The health ministry has taken a step to help cancer patients. The government is planning to bring down the price of cancer drugs. If all goes according to plan, this step will be finalized by the end of this year.

Many cancer patients and their families know that the treatment for cancer is very expensive. This makes it hard for many patients to afford them. The health ministry is planning to reduce the price of these medicines and also make high end medical devices like stents more affordable.

The plan of the ministry is to make arrangements for them to buy drugs in bulk at a negotiated price and supply them to hospitals and individual patients at the reduced price.

The ministry aims to reduce the price of these drugs while putting just minimal pressure on pharmaceutical companies. Implementing this model will help the government’s own retail system for cancer drugs like the ‘Jan Aushadi’ stores. These stores usually sell generic medicines at lower prices compared to the branded ones.

In order to take this plan forward fast, the government is conducting talks with several companies. The government has taken this decision to take the plan forward after many expert oncologists stated that the government should regulate prices of cancer related treatment. For now, there are only 51 drugs whose prices are being regulated by the government.

Bringing the drugs under the regulation of government will mean that the prices of pharmaceutical companies would be capped.

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