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Chennai women provide nutritious food to COVID-19 patients

Chennai women provides nutritious food to COVID-19 patients

Patients need a healthy diet. However, many COVID-19 patients across the country are not in a position to get a nutritious diet due to several reasons. One of the most common reasons is that they are not able to cook due to weakness and other symptoms. Hence, they have to rely on outsiders for their food needs.

In this scenario, most of them are not getting nutritious food. Having seen the troubles of COVID-19 patients to get healthy and nutritious food, Rama Parthasarathy started nutritious food delivery to COVID-19 patients.

She started Ramaa’s Kitchen to offer nutritious food in their surrounding areas. However, the quality of food fetched her more food orders.

Rama is passionate about cooking. Her love for cooking made her an expert in cooking.

Rama has been selling different types of papads, pickles, powders for many years to her friends. She wanted to continue it full-time and start a food venture after her retirement.

Rama worked in a school administration department. By the time of her retirement in April 2020, COVID-19 spread in the country. Rama decided to provide nutritious meals to COVID-19 patients.

She starts preparing food for them early in the morning. Her daughter-in-law, Shivakrupa, helps her in this process. She keeps all vegetables ready by chopping them. Rama’s student helps in packing the food.

Rama finishes the cooking process by 9:00 a.m. As their orders are delivered to elderly people who would like to have brunch, Rama and daughter-in-law try to deliver meals by 9.30 a.m. The price of lunch is ₹110.

While the lunch consists of vegetable curry, rasam, sambar, and rice, dinner consists of tiffin varieties like chapatti, idli-chutney, Pongal, and upma. As the food is prepared for COVID patients, they use spices moderately.

The duo serves around 20 lunch orders and eight dinners daily. Rama also sells sambar powder, rasam powder and idli chutney powder. She sends courier packages all over India.

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