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Chandigarh entrepreneur becomes famous worldwide

Chandigarh entrepreneur becomes famous worldwide

Imagine the surprise of Chandigarh-based entrepreneur KS Bhatia when he woke up and found 50 missed calls. Bhatia was quoted by Google CEO Sundar Pichai in his speech. Pichai used Bhatia as an example for an online success story in the presence of PM Narendra Modi at the ‘Digital India’ dinner at San Jose, California. Bhatia’s success immediately got worldwide recognition. Pichai took the example of this man and said in his speech that a one man retailer of water pumps took his business online and today he became the largest retailer of water pumps in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.

Bhatia, a 45-year-old chemical engineering graduate, founder and CEO of said that his path to success started when his 14 year old give him the gift of domain and the idea. His son told him that this is a sector which is untouched online. And thus began the journey of his

He hired a team for the sake of search engine optimization. They invested in Google Adwords and now if anyone from anywhere in the world types ‘water pumps’, they will find Pumpkart.

The company grew so influential, that many top e-commerce companies introduced water pumps in their products in order to maintain competition.

In the beginning the website had stocking pumps but now it became an online marketplace which has 200 brands in it. The market for water pumps is worth Rs 2,600 crore, however nearly 60% of it is unorganized. In India there are over 400 manufacturers.

Bhatia said that his brand was quite successful in in faraway Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. He says the reason for this In Tamil Nadu is the high internet penetration. The reason for success in Maharashtra is because many pump manufacturers did not have reach in remote areas. He added that out of the total sales, thirty five percent are in these two states.

Image Reference: The Times of India

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