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Art community to help budding artists

Art community to help budding artists

In order to help budding artists find a place to showcase their talent, Open Sky was started by artists for artists.

It is an art community where various arts like music, poetry, stand-up comedy, theatre and magic can be showcased.

For artists who create, showcasing it to various people is very crucial.

Interaction with others helps these artists grow bigger and earn fame.

Almost every artist desires a nice platform to showcase their talents.

Many artists claim that they got better as they showcased their work more.

This is the reason why the founders of Open Sky started it.

It is a Bengaluru-based art community. It was started to help any artist who creates something.

The aim was to provide a safe haven for artists.

A place where artists can meet fellow artists and feel accepted.

Art community to help budding artists

Art community to help budding artists

Open Sky was founded by Shaun D’Souza and Tim Lo Surdo.

They got the idea to start it two years ago when they had an impromptu slam poetry session at a friend’s house.

They felt a lot of positivity and connectivity in just that one session. They wanted to expand it further.

Both of them were 22 years old when they decided to work on this idea and take it to the next level. Their slam poetry session happened on a rooftop. Since it was the inspiration for their idea, they named their community Open Sky.

The Open Sky title also suggests freedom and artistic expression.

The community holds their slam sessions in various simple locations like cafes, rooftops, public gardens, orphanages, rescue homes, and government schools. Artists of all kinds can attend these slams and showcase different art forms like music, theatre, poetry, dance, comedy and magic on stage.

They also collaborate with various art communities in the country. The group was also invited to perform at the Goa Arts and Literature Festival that on December 9 and 10.

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