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Woman’s artistic journey of passion and dedication

Woman's artistic journey of passion and dedication

Golla Gayathri Devi is a distinguished artist and homemaker. She has made remarkable contributions to the art world.

The daughter of prominent artist Dr K Jagannadha Rao, she inherited a passion for art. And she carefully nurtured it to become a prominent artist.

After graduating in Fine Arts from Andhra University, Gayatri became a master in painting with acrylics, oil colours, landscapes, and style scapes. Her artistic journey began in Visakhapatnam, where she honed her skills and built a diverse portfolio of artworks.

After marriage, Gayathri received unwavering support from her husband and her in-laws. This encouragement propelled her to continue her pursuit of art.

Her works often depict serene landscapes and portraits of gods, which helped her earn several accolades, including the prestigious Golden Legend Award in 2022.

She actively participates in various art camps and exhibitions. One of her notable contributions includes works for the Sri Kalakshetra book and a revered portrait of Lord Venkateswara.

Gayathri serves as a judge for art competitions at various schools to encourage young talents. In addition, she also organizes free summer camps to foster a creative environment for children and aspiring artists.

So far, Gayathri has created more than 100 pieces of art. Each art piece reflects her dedication and commitment to excellence.

She allocates her time and resources to art education, on Sundays. Besides, she also teaches through government-supported art camps. Gayathri conducts free painting classes at her residence, teaching students art.

Her passion for art has influenced her entire family, who have also developed a habit of drawing and painting, embodying a collective artistic spirit.

Her life and work inspire many, demonstrating the profound impact of art on personal development and community enrichment.

Gayathri Devi’s journey is a testament to the power of passion and dedication in transforming both individual lives and communities through art.

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Image Published on March 03, 2017

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