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A simple idea that can feed millions

A simple idea that can feed millions

Sometimes, one simple idea really can make a lot of difference. Hunger and poverty are quite common in India, but read on to find out how this simple idea based on social media is feeding the hungry in Bengaluru.

Harshil Mittal, a young software developer in Bengaluru came up with this solution. His idea is every home cooking a little extra food. The seemingly simple has turned out to be a very effective solution. With the initiative he started, many underprivileged children and senior citizens are waiting for the third Sunday of every month. On that day, they get to have healthy and fresh homemade food.

Harshil conducts food drives where they ask their donors to cook a little extra food that day. The extra food from all homes is packed in the containers they provide. The volunteers of this initiative pick up the food from the doorsteps of people who helped and bring it to the distribution site. Here the food is collected by hungry children and elders.

This initiative was started in October 2015. The idea started in a very small way. Harshil started it with three of his friends, Rishiom, Selina, and Ashutosh. In the beginning, they had to go door to door and tell the residents about the concept and asked them whether they would be interested in participating,” he says.

To Harshil’s surprise, more than 90 percent of people they approached were interested in the idea and were willing to participate in it. They collected the food and distributed it. On their first drive, they fed 40 people. Their concept gained popularity in just six months.

They named their group Let’s Feed Bengaluru (LFB). Now they have a large network of 750 registered volunteers.

The group feeds three categories of people. The first priority is given to the homeless and handicapped people on the streets. The second are people staying in the economically weaker sections of the city and the third are orphanages, old age homes and shelters. If this idea expands, it can potentially feed millions across India.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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