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Ambulance Driver drove 425 Km in 5 Hours to save a life

Ambulance Driver drove 425 Km in 5 Hours to save a life

Even when something unfortunate occurs, an act of kindness from an unexpected place can turn the situation around. Here is an inspiring story of an ambulance driver who drove 425 km in just 5 hours to save a life.

A man named Gangadharan, who comes from the town of Kanhangad in Kerala, now knows this all too well.

He recently suffered a stroke, and was in critical need of emergency medical care.

He first tried to get treatment in Bahrain, where he had been working, but the financial cost was too much for his family to handle.

They decided to take him back to India for more affordable medical care, and they flew him back to Kerala.

His family decided to continue his treatment for the stroke in a hospital in Mangaluru, but when airports could not arrange an air ambulance for him, he was flown to Koichi.

They decided that they would have to take Gangadharan to Mangaluru by road.

However, Gangadharan and his family were in luck, since some voluntary organizations in Bahrain worked to get them the ambulance service they needed.

Through the internet, they found an ambulance service based in Kasargod, owned by Muhammad Illam.

Muhammad decided to drive Gangadharan to Mangaluru himself, and he did it without charging the family any money.

On Tuesday, Muhammed drove Gangadharan 425 kilometers to Mangaluru, in a record time of 5 hours and 25 minutes.

Ambulance Driver drove 425 Km in 5 Hours to save a life

Ambulance Driver drove 425 Km

The public also contributed to Muhammad’s ambulance marathon by hosting a Facebook live on the drive, which allowed the traffic police to know when the ambulance was coming and clear the way for Muhammad.

They were constantly updating the real-time location of the ambulance, and the police in most towns were helping them navigate their way to Mangaluru.

Now, thanks to the efforts of Muhammad, Gangadharan’s family, and all the people who helped the ambulance navigate the roads, Gangadharan is currently receiving treatment for his stroke in the Mangaluru hospital, and he will be recovering soon.

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