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CareMother helps pregnant women for apt medical attention

CareMother helps pregnant women for apt medical attention /

India has many casualties related to pregnancy and child birth. According to Lancet, a UK medical journal, over 45,000 women died in 2015 due to maternal mortality. Many of them are due to lack of immediate medical attention.

Care Nx was started in Mumbai in 2013 by Shantanu Pathak and Aditya Kulkarni to help pregnant women get timely medical attention. They started this organization when Shantanu’s pregnant sister who lives in a village had to rely on her friend in a medical school in Mumbai.

Realizing the needs of pregnant women in rural India, Shantanu established this organization.

They developed CareMother, a mobile diagnostic device to help pregnant women in rural areas with technology. CareMother has three parts, a medical kit, a mobile application, and a web application.

The medical kit has seven diagnostic devices like digital stethoscope, blood pressure meter, glucometer, urine analyser etc. Some healthcare workers are assigned to conduct tests using this kit at the doorsteps of the pregnant women. They directly input test results into mobile application so that high risk factors are analyzed and the nearby physicians are alerted via web application.

Unlike standard tests, CareMother kit is less expensive. Furthermore, there are no transportation costs as there is no need for the pregnant women to travel to labs who are far away from their areas. Thus, it saves money and time as well. The remarkable feature of this kit is that it facilitates at least eight tests while only four are mandated by the government.

The software is sold to health implementing agencies like clinics, hospitals, NGOs which train health care workers to provide antenatal care to mothers.

The mobile application does not need constant internet connection and it works even on offline mode. The test data will be immediately transferred to the physicians via Cloud from the app of healthcare workers.

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