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Medical tourism packages of Indian Railways

Medical tourism packages of Indian Railways

The wellness tourism market in India is growing. Hence, the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) decided to offer medical tourism packages to its customers. They can get medical treatment at reasonable prices.

India is one of the major hubs for medical tourism, as medical treatment is available at affordable prices. In recent days, many people from other countries are visiting the country for medical treatment due to its advanced facilities and competitive prices.

India is becoming a well-known place for its holistic health. Hence, many people from across the globe are considering it as one of their medical travel destinations.

Now India is among the top six medical travel destinations in the world. People from other places from Asia and Africa prefer to visit India for their medical treatment. Some well-known areas for medical tourism in India are Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kochi.

As India has emerged as one of the popular medical hubs, especially for its medical value travel, ITCTC decided to offer medical tourism packages for its customers.

It has started online medical tourism packages. These packages include accommodation arrangements, road transfers etc. Customers can also choose wellness packages after their treatment.

Those who want to utilize the services of IRCTC can log in to its tourism portal. After choosing medical tourism, customers can fill in the details of their treatment needs in an enquiry form. That means they can enquire about the treatment options available in the country by providing the details of their medical treatment and budget.

The IRCTC team will call them and let them know about various available treatment options, as per their budget and convenience. In this way, the IRCTC helps its customers to decide on their desired medical treatment.

The IRCTC has partnered with a company, which has a wide network of hospitals and diagnostic services. That’s why IRCTC claims that the packages offered by it are competitive.

Around seven lakh medical tourists visited the country in 2019 for medical treatment. As per estimates, its medical value tourism will increase further and account for at least 6 per cent by 2023.

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