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Abhishek inspires with cycling across India

Abhishek inspires with cycling across India

There are many people in the world believing in a cause. Different people use different methods to spread the cause they believe in. Meet this environmentalist from Uttar Pradesh who is on a cycling tour across the country for a year. The reason why he is doing this is simply to promote the cause he believes in: Spreading the message of a Swachh Bharat and achieving a cleaner country.

Abhishek Kumar Sharma has so far travelled 16 states, approximately 10,000 villages, covering more than 14,300 kms. He is a 28-year-old environmental research scholar who is dead set on finishing his year-long cycling tour of India.

He wants to spread awareness about cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation to all the citizens across the country. He knew that he can’t spread awareness from the comfort of his own home. So, he decided to do this mission.

He says that the campaign started by the Prime Minister is a big one and it is a great opportunity for everyone to go towards a cleaner and better India. He says that the campaign is his true inspiration.

Abhishek is a post graduate in environmental science. He has three years of experience in research of solid waste management. He gained a lot of knowledge with his post-graduation and the three years of work experience. He wanted to spread what he learned and educate other people too. He wants people to realize how important a cleaner country is.

He quit his job to continue his mission even when his own family couldn’t understand why he wanted to do this. He started his journey on Nov. 10, 2014. He modified his bicycle with an LED light, a poster with his name and phone number, a flag that talks about his mission, a bottle carrier, an Indian flag and a carrier for luggage. He spoke to as many people as possible in his journey. He doesn’t have a fixed goal of where to go next and just goes based on what he sees and learns. He was personally complimented by the PM for his initiative.

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