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60-year-old earns lakhs by selling healthy food

60-year-old earns lakhs by selling healthy food

Healthy food is essential for all people including senior citizens. However, many elderly citizens are ignored in this regard.

Even most of their family members do not care about them. But, this 60-year-old decided to work for the well-being of senior citizens.

Vinaya Pai from Kerala wanted to look after the health of senior citizens and work for the improvement of the patients in her village.

Being a multi-tasker, this woman wakes up daily at 2:00 a.m. and prepares customized breakfast for elderly people.

She consults with doctors to prepare food for recovering patients. Based on their dietary needs, she prepares low-salt and low-cholesterol food. Moreover, the food is prepared with healthy ingredients like oats, millets etc.

Her dedication and hardworking nature help her keep up such a tough schedule. She says that she wants to utilize her culinary knowledge for the well-being of elderly people who are ignored in the aspect of health.

Two helpers assist her in preparing food. The food is served among elderly people who are suffering from joint pains, asthma, digestion problems etc.

There is a couple of elderly patients aged more than 80 years with no teeth. Vinaya prepares food as per their needs.

She keeps breakfast ready by 8:00 a.m. The families of senior citizens pick up the food from her home. Those who cannot come to her home are given home delivery.

She believes that anything that is provided for free would not be valued. Hence, she charges a minimal price for the breakfast she provides to elderly people.

She uses indigenous ingredients native to her area in her food. She uses Bilimbi as an alternative to tamarind. She also uses them in juices, soups and tangy curries.

This fruit has medicinal properties to treat ulcers and cough. The fruit is beneficial to control high blood pressure and diabetes.

She also makes chips with bitter gourd, carrots, beetroots, bilimbi and jackfruit. She uses local fruits and vegetables to prepare various food items and sells them. Depending on the orders, she earns in the range of ₹2,000 to ₹10,000 per day.

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