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17-year-old CEO helping the elderly

17-year-old CEO helping the elderly

Policymakers have been becoming increasingly concerned with the care of India’s growing population of elders, who are defined as any person above the age of 60.

According to the Global Age Watch Index, which is published by Help Age International, India ranks 71st out of the 96 countries on the list, regarding its elderly care.

The rising urbanization, literacy, and economic growth levels lead to a longer and healthier life expectancy. Women are also bearing fewer children, since there is much less fear of child mortality than there has been in the past.

However, these things lead to weakened ties within the extended family, since the nuclear family often becomes an independent unit, separate from elders.

Thus, the older generation has much weaker financial and physical support than it once had. Additionally, both the rising cost of living and the increasing number of young professionals moving around for their jobs and job prospects has left elders vulnerable.

However, young 17-year-old CEO Vedaant Aggarwal is providing a solution to this issue. He is heading a startup called Our Health Mitr (or OHM) Healthcare Services, which is dedicated to closing the gap in the healthcare infrastructure of urban India. It provides high-tech, interactive healthcare for families, especially elderly people and families of people who work far away.

Although the startup is helpful in providing its medical technology to elderly people, its true uniqueness is in the emotional connection that it establishes with its patients.

OHM Healthcare Solutions features a unique social media app that connects patients to other senior citizens in the area with similar interests, which helps them socially and emotionally.

17-year-old CEO helping the elderly

17-year-old CEO helping the elderly

Thus, this startup can provide senior citizens with a much better life at the end of their days, which Vedaant is striving to achieve.

He has several goals in mind: to prepare for his class XII board exams, to pursue a degree at a business school in the United States, and to use this startup to make life better for all elderly people.

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