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15 year old football champion

15 year old football champion

While football is not as big as cricket in India, there are still many talented players in the country.

In the state of Mizoram, football is quite common. There have been talented players from this state.

The state earned its popularity after the team won the national championship in 2014.

Here is the tale of one of the youngest and most talented players of all of India.

He is just 15, but his love for football now got him to international fame. His name is Lalchungnunga.

His talent got him to be chosen to train for six years at Germany’s prestigious football league, Bundesliga.

His story is one of talent, hard work, and determination.

Lalchungnunga hails from a poor and humble family. In his family, he has seven other siblings. His family suffered with severe poverty. But, he never let anyone of that get to him.

His continued practice and unwavering spirit let his talent shine.

15 year old football champion

15 year old football champion


Due to the way he plays football so well, he even got the nickname of “Mizo Messi” among the locals and his friends.

Lalchungnunga is a fan of Messi, the famous Argentinian football player.

It can be said that he is inspired by him.

Mizoram has a popular Football culture.

The state even conducts its own Mizoram Premier League.

Many young players with talent are budding in the state.

Lalchungnunga is one of the best from the state.

15 year old football champion

15 year old football champion

For his talent, he received a boost from Tata Trust’s football academies in the region.

After that, the young player was chosen in scouting and was selected to train with the Bundesliga from one of these institutes.

It was made possible by a special MoU between Tata Trust and the Mizoram government to encourage local sports players with talent.

When he was selected for such a prestigious training, his family was very supportive.

His father Chhangte Laldinmawia says he is proud of his son.

Due to low income, his father could not support his talent but is now very proud of his son.

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