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Elephants play football in Karnataka

Elephants are playing football at Dubar camp in Kodagu.

10 most popular sports in

As a kid, we take games very seriously. Later in the life, it becomes a hobby, fitness activity, or a full-fledged profession. Those who

Lagaan in real life –

In 1911, an Indian team, Mohun Bagan Athletic Club, scored a victory for the people’s patriotism for their homeland and opposition to the British

10 Resorts to hangout in

Elim resort is at 37km from the city. You can enjoy with video games, chess, football, basketball etc. here. Various types of food items

10 Resorts to hangout in

Windflower Prakruthi resort is located at 32km from Bangalore. You can have fun with various activities like swimming and playing games such as cricket,