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Pavel Nedvěd is the first Golden Ball winner in the Czech Republic

Pavel Nedvěd is the first Golden Ball winner in the Czech Republic

Any football era has many iconic players, and each of them deserves many individual awards. But at the same time, it is obvious that there can be only one best. You should make a bet on the matches of such phenomenal players at and get a well-deserved profit. As for the independent Czech Republic, Pavel Nedvěd became the first winner of the Golden Ball for this country. The first professional club in his career was Škoda Plzen. Confident games for this team led to the fact that such a grand of local football as Sparta Prague became seriously interested in the Czech player.

He played full four seasons there, being one of the leaders of the team despite his young age. Naturally, the confident play influenced the further development of the player and at the age of 24, he moved to Serie A, where he played for the Roman Lazio. Although, this team has never been the clear leader of the Italian championship, this transfer was clearly considered a step forward according to 1xBet analysts.

The key change for Nedvěd was his transfer to Juventus. As a result of his performances for this club, he rightly became one of the best players of the early 21st century. If forecasters made bet live games with 1xBet on the matches of the Turin team at the time, they would have realized that it was one of the best clubs in Europe. It was thanks to this period in his career that Pavel Nedvěd became the owner of the main individual award that every footballer dreams of. In total, he played 327 matches and scored 65 goals for Juventus. It is interesting that he started playing in Czechoslovakia at the national team level, but we are talking about the youth team. In the main team of the country, he started playing as a citizen of the Czech Republic. It’s interesting that if you analyze bets with live games, 1xBet has always considered it as an average team in European football.

Key achievements of Nedvěd as a football player

Even years after Pavel Nedvěd finished his professional career, he is considered one of the best players in Czech history. It is thanks to his fame that many local bettors make football bets online from 1xBet. As for his titles and achievements, here they are:

● he was both the champion of the Czech Republic and the champion of Czechoslovakia in Sparta Prague;

● he won the Italian Championship, Cup Winners’ Cup and UEFA Super Cup with Lazio;

● he became the winner of Serie A with Juventus four times, although the last two championships of this team were withdrawn;

● finalist of the Champions League as part of this team and winner of the Ballon d’Or;

● with Pavel Nedvěd, the Czech national team was twice included in the top three teams in Europe at the continental championship.

So, the player got the status of a football legend for a reason. By offering football bets online for players from the Czech Republic, 1xBet clearly understands that many people began to be interested in this sport thanks to Nedvěd.

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