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Indian police say they have uncovered a gang of fraudsters defrauding Russian bettors

Cricket Betting

As you know, cricket is one of the most popular sports for betting in bookmakers. The dynamics of this game, as well as the probability of turning the course of events right during the games, draw the attention of millions of users.

Cricket is most popular in India, but it is also treated with due respect in other countries. For example, many sports betting fans from Russia often choose major cricket events as their priority. Fate has played a cruel joke on some of them.

As the Indian police found out, a fake “Indian Premier Cricket League” had been created in the country, on which one could bet at a bookmaker’s office. Of course, all the results were rigged, and the matches were not played by professional athletes but by agricultural workers who gave this kind of fraud a few hours of their free time a week.

Of course, it would have been possible not to bother so much simply by creating actual events in the matching grid. However, to make it more credible, the organizers of this fake league held live broadcasts of matches, which you could watch while betting.

Every big bet made was immediately known to the organizers, after which they passed instructions to the players for one team to succumb to the other.

The police became aware of this type of fraud at a time when the fake championship was approaching the quarterfinals, which were not destined to take place. All organizers and participants were detained and placed under arrest pending trial.

Just imagine a field had been rented for the championship, lighting and cameras had been installed, and the broadcasts were equipped with digital scoreboards. The organizers hired simple laborers, paying them 400 rupees a game (about 4 pounds sterling).

The administrators were so concerned that they even superimposed the noise of the crowd of fans so that the broadcast would definitely not cause any questions. All these subtleties allowed the fake league to exist for such a long time.

The work of the cameraman deserves a separate description. His job was to get close-ups of the players and not to show the field in general so that the audience would not notice the absence of the fans.

But how did the Russian players learn about the league in the first place? It turned out that they began to promote it in several popular Telegram channels, describing the league at its best. The ads said that the odds in this league are very high, and the strong teams and underdogs are known long before the start of the match. This attracted inexperienced bettors, who happily funded their accounts at several bookmakers’ offices and bet on fake league games.

At the time the organizers were detained by the police, their income from Russia alone was 300,000 rupees, which is only $6,000. But who knows how much savvy Hindus could have made if local police hadn’t discovered the strange broadcasts on several Youtube channels.

The whole thing is reminiscent of several iconic gambling movies that also dealt with fake sporting events that players were asked to bet on. For example,

The moral of the whole story is that for gambling and betting on sports; it is better to choose proven sites. For example, the website constantly publishes ratings of verified casinos. Bookmaker operators to choose even easier. Many of them sponsor world championships and teams. Such operators care about their reputation and will not cheat users.

It is not yet known what kind of punishment the organizers of the fake Indian League will face, but they will have to pay a heavy fine. But Russian players are unlikely to be able to get their money back.

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