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Supersourcing – An outsourcing platform for IT

Supersourcing – An outsourcing platform for IT

Remote working has increased over the past few years. Especially, during the pandemic, it has increased multifold. It resulted in more opportunities for employees.

However, it becomes difficult for companies to find talented people. Many startups are helping them by outsourcing talented staff.

Supersourcing is one such startup. It started its operations in 2019. Yet, after the pandemic, it expanded its business.

Aditi Chaurasia and Mayank Pratap Singh are the founders of the startup. They founded it to help early-stage startups and companies employ talented people on a contract basis. This AI-enabled platform helps them in the screening process also.

Supersourcing has many SaaS tools to help businesses in hiring staff, managing productivity, billing etc.

Many startups, especially entry-level ones, struggle to find the right talent. The founders observed many such businesses that struggle to hire remote developers.

That’s why they wished to launch a startup. It works on a B2B model. It connects talent providers or talent partners with businesses.

It is built on AI and ML architecture. The platform will have numerous job descriptions and resumes along with reviews, to give a clear picture to find the right talent for each job.

As the main aim of the startup is to outsource talented people, it focuses on the performance of candidates. It is done by various tests. It will analyze the soft skills and technical skills of job aspirants.

These are analyzed through personality tests, coding challenges, virtual tasks, and recorded video responses. Thus, the right candidates will be identified in all ways.

The startup assures to finish the pre-hiring process within seven days due to its automated tools. Generally, the process takes more than a month if done manually.

Supersourcing charges $99 as a platform fee per month. It works with more than 2,500 software companies and 350 enterprises. It wants to expand its data and engineering team. It aims to have more than 12,000 engineers onboard.

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