White House awards 15 year old entrepreneur

15 year old entrepreneur awarded by White House

15 year old entrepreneur awarded by white house

Recently, the White House gave the prestigious ‘Champions of Change’ award to a 15 year old Indian American teen. The reason why she got this award was for the setup of a non-profit organization.

This organization helps children learn about computer coding. It also raises funds for various science and technology related activities in different schools.

Swetha Prabakaran, the 15 year old girl who received the award started an organization called ‘Everybody change now’. She aims to encourage the youth of the next generation to become engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs.

Swetha was born in Indianapolis and ever since her childhood she has been interested with science and computers. At present she is a student at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Virginia. Her parents were from Tamil Nadu and they immigrated to US in 1998.

She feels that many women hesitate to choose science and engineering fields due to stereotypes. She wants to change these stereotypes through her nonprofit organization.

The organization she started teaches many children at different schools about coding and computer related topics. Many camps and workshops are also conducted to help children gain an interest in these topics.

So far, the organization has taught hundreds of students and raised thousands of dollars for STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) activities in school.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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