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Indian American engineer who launched 55 successful space shuttles for NASA

Rocket Man

Dr. Suresh B.Kulkarni, known as the “Rocket Man” amongst family and friends is an Indian American engineer who helped NASA launch 55 successful flights of Space Shuttles in the NASA’s Space shuttle program without having a single failure.

Kulkarni loves everything about rockets, missiles, and space which gave him the title of “Rocket Man”. He has also been a member of President Bill Clinton’s Presidential Commission on space launch failures.

He modestly calls his achievement of launching 55 space shuttles of NASA ‘an awesome responsibility and accomplishment’.

NASA called this is a record par excellence in the history of their space shuttle program. Kulkarni was honored with for his achievements with a laser engraved plaque of recognition.

Kulkarni has a family side too. Now that he is not busy making critical components for Missiles and rockets, he is cooking up a storm in his home making Andhra pickles. He makes pickles very hot and enjoys his work too.

Kulkarni was born in Hyderabad on 13 June 1944.

He did his early schooling and pre-university from there. He did his B.E program from an engineering college affiliated with the Osmania University.

He also wrote the design manual which is used by the United States Air Force to design elastomeric (rubber) lubrication-free bearings for their helicopters.

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