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MedAvio – Sterilized Polymers Manufacturing Unit

MedAvio – Sterilized Polymers Manufacturing Unit

MedAvio, a sterilized polymers manufacturing unit was started by the young entrepreneur Manasa in 2012. As a biomedical engineering graduate, she observed that there weren’t proper sterilized medical polymers available. She found that they were either very expensive or were not available at all. In order to make these, she imported quality material and machinery from Philippines. She found out the required standards for making these products from foreign countries.

With the help of 12 employees, the manufacturing unit was started. After a year and half, she managed to create four products. MedAvio manufactures sample cups, HTP bottles, storage containers of dry cough syrup and their lids, syrup measuring cups, and emida bottles.

At present, MedAvio supplies for Indian Genomics, Agro and pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and diagnostic centers. Recently, Manasa designed a device for checking diabetes in homes and saline bottles for children. She aims to increase the number of products made by MedAvio to 15 from 4.

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