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Verdant Impact’s innovative approach for cattle health

Verdant Impact’s innovative approach for cattle health

India’s livestock industry, home to over 536 million animals, faces significant healthcare challenges due to a poor patient-doctor ratio and limited access to veterinary clinics, especially in rural areas.

Addressing this critical issue, a Jaipur-based startup, Verdant Impact, was founded in January 2020. It offers a comprehensive animal husbandry platform that enhances cattle care and supports farmers in making informed decisions when trading livestock.

Verdant Impact provides a telemedicine facility called Animal ICU. This service includes real-time diagnostics, remote monitoring, and virtual veterinary consultations, making healthcare accessible to farmers in remote areas.

Farmers can upload videos, photos, and detailed descriptions of their animals to receive expert consultations, prescriptions, alternative remedies, or even ambulance services.

The platform was born out of co-founder Manish K Prahlad’s personal experience. When his buffaloes contracted an unidentified disease, the lack of veterinary support in his hometown, Banswara, led to their deaths. Prahlad emphasizes the financial and emotional impact of losing livestock, which are vital to rural economies.

Verdant Impact’s innovative use of technology includes Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags implanted under the cattle’s skin.

These tags, coupled with a stationary reader device, monitor the health, location, and movement of the animals.

This system provides vital data such as body temperature, heart rate, and respiration rate, helping farmers take timely action if an animal shows signs of distress.

Additionally, RFID tags help prevent insurance fraud by providing accurate and tamper-proof data.

The startup’s holistic approach extends to creating a universal Animal Ancestry Animal Mark, enabling farmers to trace livestock ancestry through DNA analysis.

This information aids in breeding and trading decisions, ensuring better quality and health of the herd.

Verdant Impact operates on a B2B2C model, generating revenue through direct sales, commissions, and co-branding.

With over 25,000 monthly active users and 18,000 paying customers, mostly from Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, the startup conducts over 200 telemedical consultations daily.

It also collaborates with district governments, enhancing local cattle welfare offices’ capabilities.

Despite challenges, including competition from free government services and potential investor hesitance due to Prahlad’s background, Verdant Impact aims for significant growth.

Targeting $12 million in gross revenue by FY25, it plans to expand operations across India. Besides, it also wishes to improve its technology with an expected $4 million in funding.

Verdant Impact’s journey underscores the potential of combining innovation with sustainability to revolutionize cattle healthcare in India.

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