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Delhi airport launches RFID tags to track check-in luggage

Delhi airport launches RFID tags to track check-in luggage

Now, you can easily track your check-in luggage at the Delhi airport. To enable flight passengers to track baggage easily, the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi introduced radio-frequency identification (RFID) enabled tags.

These tags are called Bagg Trax. They will allow passengers to track their baggage by providing them with real-time information about their location. Not just arrived passengers but those in transit can also track their check-in luggage with the help of these tags.

The Delhi airport launched these baggage tracking tags as part of a pilot project. At present, this unique initiative is available for select passengers who travel frequently at Terminal 3 of the Delhi airport. Later, all terminals will have this option.

Authorities say that passengers can buy these tags in the Departures sections. Bagg Trax tags have a QR code on them. Passengers need to register with them to use the facility. They can scan the QR code or visit their website to register.

Passengers will receive a confirmation message for their registration after the completion of the process. After that, they have to tie the tag to their bags to track its location. Alternatively, they can place the tag inside the bag.

They will receive SMS alerts with real-time information and details of their baggage on their phone. With this information, passengers can easily track their luggage on the conveyor belt after their arrival.

They will receive a message on their mobile phones when their luggage is ready at the baggage belt so that passengers can pick them up easily and leave the airport.

In this way, Bagg Trax tags help reduce the anxiety of passengers about their check-in luggage and reach them easily after their arrival. As these tags give real-time information about the luggage of the passengers, they also help reduce the crowd at the conveyor belts.

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