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Vedantu provides online tutoring

Vedantu provides online tutoring

Vedantu is a Bangalore based startup. It provides customized online tutoring. Students can freely learn from the teachers and that way leaning on the platform of Vedantu is personalized.

Vedantu means ‘knowledge network’. The teaching can be done one to one and one to many. Vedantu was founded by Vamsi Krishna, Saurabh Saxena, Pulkit Jain and Anand Prakash. The founders are teachers themselves. Over 10,000 have been mentored and taught by them. As education is their passion, they started this venture.

After graduating from IIT, they started Lakshya in 2006. Later they realized that rather than remaining subject teachers, mentoring is more important to instil values in children.

They also found scalability issues in the sector. So, they wanted to use technology to fill the gaps. In 2012, a listed educational company acquired Lakshya. Thus, Vedantu was born to cater the needs of customized learning. The main aim of the company is to make learning more productive and fun.

Vedantu assures better understanding and more engagement of the student due to their personalized learning model. Unlike in classroom, students can learn more things directly from the teacher due to enhanced interaction. They can clear their doubts as well.

Another great feature of online tutoring is that there is no need for the students to travel. Thus, it saves time and energy. Students can learn while they are sitting in their home relaxed. So, parents need not worry about their security during their commuting nor there is a need to spend time for their travel to tuition point. The company assures quality services at an affordable prices.

Anyone with a good qualification and experience can join as a teacher in the community of Vedantu. The teachers are assured to earn well. They can teach the students from anywhere and anytime. They can be part of a large teaching community and share their experiences with other teachers and learn from them.

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