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Toppr – A platform for students

Toppr – A platform for students

Toppr is an online platform for students where they receive online practice and test packages. The package is helpful for students who are preparing for school boards or competitive exams like IIT JEE, PMT, and other similar exams.

Students will find that each chapter has been divided into individual units. They are called goals. Each goal is tested during continuous assessment.

Students will find solutions for many questions available in the package for various chapters. If a student has a doubt, then they can use the “Ask a doubt” button on each question to send their doubt. The reply to the doubts will be received from the subject experts of Toppr on the doubt thread. Students will also get it via email.

At present, not all questions have solutions. However, Toppr assures that soon there will be as they have a team of more than 1000 subject experts who add solutions to the platform every day.

Toppr boasts of a huge collection of questions. Currently, there are approximately 1, 50,000 questions on it. Every week they add new questions. These questions cover pretty much all sorts of syllabus.

Toppr has also assigned many of their subject experts to make sure that there are no errors in questions.

If there are any errors found by a student, they can report it to them and it will be corrected. Students will have various goals in different subjects. These goals are tested on Toppr and evaluated in the form of continuous assessment. As a student continues answering questions in the assessment, they will get a feedback tracking their progress through the goals.

The goals have the option to be resumed. A student can leave the continued assessment at any time and return to start again from where he/she left. At any time, a student can check their completion percentage for every goal in the respective chapter pages.

If you are preparing for a competitive exam, you can try this service. Toppr generates analysis for each test that parents can also observe. The prices for various packages can be found here.

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