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Tellofy Touch – feedback system for consumers

Tellofy Touch – feedback system for consumers

Tellofy Technologies was started by Saurabh Majumdar. It is a real-time review and feedback platform for consumers. Saurabh wanted to make this platform after finding out that many businesses barely make use of customer feedback. He wanted this platform to be to use, fun, and engaging.

Many people might have the experience of giving feedback to restaurants or something else. Saurabh Majumbar was curious about what happened to the feedback left by customers. When he found that all feedback forms were bundled up and stored, he was disappointed. He wanted to change this system and decrease the gap between businesses and consumers.

Tellofy Technologies was started in April 2015. They have made a discovery and rating platform using web, mobile, and tablets. Consumers can post their experiences on this platform in audio, video, and text formats. The platform also targets business. It is an independent rating platform with its own reviews from customers.

Since its beginning, Tellofy technologies worked to perfect their platform and finally in February 2016 the final product called Tellofy Touch was launched in to the market.

This app works on tablets and mobile platforms. It is a tablet based solution made to get easy feedback from audience for any purpose. It can be used in events too. Since it is a customizable platform, users can set it based on their needs.

Tellofy Touch deals in the physical world. Saurabh says that currently the platform is being used in various segments such as events, workshops in IT & ITES industries, spa and wellness, utilities & food and beverages (F&B), among others.

They are also planning to launch a second product called Tellofy Connect. It is for e-commerce, travel, hospitality and transportation. Businesses will be able to get real-time feedback at a brand and a product level. It is also based on monthly subscription model.

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