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Settl – A Co-living startup solves accommodation issues

Settl – A Co-living startup solves accommodation issues

It is difficult to find a suitable home to stay in metro cities like Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai. To solve accommodation issues, Settl started offering co-living space in Bengaluru.

Abhishek Tripathi, Bharath Bhaskar, and Ashok Reddy, founders of Settl say that they wanted to help people who move to the city for their education and jobs.

Settl is a ready-to-move-in and furnishing co-living space. It focuses on providing high-quality services to users.

Settl uses technology. The startup was launched in July 2020. It mainly targets students and young professionals.

The founders feel that the co-living space in the country is at the beginning stage and has more potential to grow.

At present, paying guest (PG) accommodation services are prevalent. Moreover, most of the players offer their services by integrating with the existing PGs.

However, Settl’s methodology is completely different. At first, they choose private buildings to be partnered with. Then, they will design the building interiors and provide all amenities to improve the satisfaction of the users.

To protect from COVID-19, Settl follows many precautions. They ensure regular cleaning of common touchpoints and disinfection of rooms before the tenants move-in to the rooms. They help tenants get touch-free food and e-commerce deliveries.

The co-living space provided by Settl has all modern amenities like high-speed internet, continuous power backup, on-site laundry, cleaning and maintenance etc. The properties are provided with CCTVs for security.

Settl charges a nominal deposit amount from their tenants. The rent includes electricity, Wi-Fi, water, cooking gas etc.

The startup has a website as well as a mobile application where the tenants can check all details including rent, properties, amenities. Users can report the issues if any in their rooms using the mobile app. They can request repair services as well.

The rent for rooms varies from ₹10,000 to ₹25,000 based on location, amenities etc.

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