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RailRestro provides fresh and quality food to train passengers

RailRestro provides fresh and quality food to train passengers

Train journeys are comfortable, but, getting quality food is one of the big problems. Manish Chandra and his wife Suman Priya frequently travel in trains. But, they noted that the accessibility of hygienic food is a major issue during their journeys.

This made them think to find a solution. They launched RailRestro to provide fresh and quality food to train passengers.

RailRestro is a marketplace for hygienic food. It has a wider network of vendor tie-ups across the country. Passengers can book their choice of food through their website or mobile application with their PNR number. They can even place their orders by calling their call centre. It takes at least 60 minutes to process an order.

Passengers can pay through the payment gateway or they can choose cash-on-delivery option. As soon as customers place an order, their orders and journey details will be shared with restaurants. Vendors will serve hot and fresh food to passengers at their seats during their journey. A confirmation message is sent to customers about their food delivery. The orders will be tracked by the founders so that they will make sure that there won’t be any missing orders.

RailRestro offers services in more than 400 railway station across 375 cities in India. Initially, the service was provided to customers through their website. But, they decided to launch a mobile app to ease the food booking process.

The orders have been increasing exponentially since its launch. In 2020-21, RailRestro received more than 19 lakh food orders. Around 30 per cent of them are returning customers.

The team of RailRestro observed that around 70 per cent of customers were using their services through Google searches and advertisements. They also realized that the order volumes were saturated. Hence, the startup wants to improve its customer base. It aims to reach more than 60 lakh customers by this year-end.

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Image Reference: https://www.railrestro.com/

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