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Raaso Cleaning offers eco-friendly cleaning products

Raaso Cleaning offers eco-friendly cleaning products

As several customers are choosing eco-friendly products, many startups are trying to offer such products made with natural ingredients.

Raaso Cleaning Products Pvt. Ltd. from Mumbai is one such startup. It offers floor cleaners and toilet cleaners made with vinegar and baking soda.

Sonia Shah is the founder of Raaso Cleaning Products. She is a double MBA graduate. After finishing her studies, Sonia worked with some financial institutions. She helped with her family’s tea business in Siliguri for some time.

Later, she shifted to Mumbai and started her entrepreneurial journey in 2015 by selling home décor products.

But, a conversation with her sister made her change her perception. She wished to enter the segment of home cleaning products.

Her sister shared a formula of vinegar and baking soda for home cleaning. She researched the products to bring floor cleaners and toilet cleaners and succeeded. She associated with an ex-BASF scientist to get help in her research.

Sonia started Raaso Cleaning Products Pvt. Ltd. in 2019. The startup offers two types of products – floor cleaner (SOVI) and toilet cleaner (TYDI Bowl).

While she got ready 3,000 bottles of floor cleaners by April 2020, the first phase of the COVID-19 impacted the business. She offered some of these products to her friends and relatives who liked her products.

In addition to that, she also contacted Bigbasket. Though she faced some difficulties initially, her products got positive feedback from the customers, which boosted her confidence to bring more products into the market.

Sonia launched glass cleaners, dishwashing liquids and toilet cleaners on Bigbasket later. The price of these products ranges from ₹219 to ₹299 per litre. These products are available in a few eCommerce stores and general stores in Siliguri and Mumbai.

The startup has sold 35,000 bottles so far and clocked a revenue of ₹44 lakhs. The startup wishes to enter the B2B segment also.

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