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QuizNext makes exams stress free

QuizNext makes exams stress free

Exams are stressful to students. Some students forget what they have read for their exams at the time of examinations due to stress. Often, parents are also stressed during their children’s examination time.

To make exams stress free, QuizNext, an edtech startup came into the filed. The edtech platform uses gamified practices to motivate students and improve their engagement to make exams stress-free.

QuizNext is a Bengaluru based startup. It offers customized gaming-based practice sessions by way of AI for students in the K-12 segment.

Normally students are asked to revise more and practice a lot during examinations which makes them feel more stressed.

In this context, QuizNext uses customized methods to make revising subjects interesting to the students.

The startup guides students in what to practice or revise and when to practice it. It also sees ways of engaging students and motivates them to complete the task.

In this way, QuizNext acts as a personal coach.

QuizNext was founded by Guruprasad Holla, Chaiitanyaa Naik Prasanth T, and Sikandar Tamboli.

These four edtech professionals worked together with VidyaNext. At that time, they realized that not only students but also parents were also stressful during examinations. As a result, the demand for tutors would spike which used to generate a substantial amount of the company’s revenue.

Parents want their children to spend time revising the entire syllabus while children feel that it is hard. The team also noted that there was no proper revision plan for students to follow. Some students forget the topics before exams. This worsens their stress.

Hence, the team wanted to develop a simplified method for the students with game elements so that the students can learn easily and not forget things.

QuizNext uses AI-based personalization approach to initiate practice activity to students.

The startup offers a freemium model and a yearly subscription model.

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