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PoolmyRide for carpooling

PoolmyRide for carpooling

Poolmyride is a Delhi based startup. It was founded by two brothers; Abhishek Talwar and Rajat Talwar. The traffic chaos they experienced every day prompted them to start Poolmyride.

Abhishek, who was working in Gurgaon had to spend his major precious time in traffic jams daily as his workplace is 40 km away from his home. This made him frustrated and he quit his job to start Poolmyride. It is a ridepooling app. Rajat, the cofounder of the startup is the brother of Abhishek. He was working in Bengaluru for Amazon when his brother started the app. He was very excited about the app and decided to develop an iOS version for it. Then, he also quit his job for working on the new app. There are several versions of the app. At present, the latest version available for Android, available on Google Play Store is version 2.078, released on 22nd February, 2016.

Poolmyride is free to use. The team is trying to bring many key cab vendors on their platform for bringing shared cab booking. The app offers coupons and deals as well. The user can create a carpool to Poolmyride so that he or she will be allowed to redeem a coupon.

Abhishek, one of the cofounders of the startup says that they have over 50,000 screen views in a month and new user base is constantly growing with each month at the rate of nearly 250 per cent. For every five seconds, a new carpool is searched on their website.

The team wants to develop the app continuously with extra bright features to acquire a bigger user base. They are in a plan to integrate the share trip feature which enables users to share their trip details with their friends or family members on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp etc. They also wish to make their app compatible with Google Wear and Apple Watch.

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