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Paradyes –  A fun hair colour brand

Paradyes - A fun hair colour brand

Funky hairstyles and colours are a trend among youth. But many available colours in the market are not good for hair, as they contain harmful chemicals. They damage hair follicles. That’s why a duo from Gujarat, launched a hair colour brand with natural extracts.

Their brand, Paradyes, is one of the most popular brands among youth now. Yushika Jolly and Siddhartha Raghuvanshi founded the startup in 2021.

Yushika, who completed her Master’s in Design Management in London, wished to launch a unique brand. Hailing from a business background, she has been passionate about having her own business since her college days.

Yushika’s father used to supply raw materials for hair dyes. She grew up seeing them, which instilled a curiosity in her. Yushika used to experiment with various combinations when she was pursuing her post-graduation in London.

After returning to India, Yushika wanted to launch a hair colour brand. She made some colours with natural extracts and distributed them to her friends and relatives. Yushika launched her brand as soon as she received positive feedback from them.

Paradyes offers vegan products. They are made with herbal extracts, like Amla, Brahmi, Bhringraj etc. It assures that they are cruelty-free. It is a consumer-centric brand which is why it became popular within a short span.

As part of its colour of the month segment, the startup allows users to choose their desired hair colour to be manufactured for one month. Paradyes claims it is the country’s first semi-permanent hair colour care brand.

These funky hair colours are temporary and can be washed away after some washes. Users will get back their natural hair colour after eight to ten washes.

Yushika tries all colours on her hair. She also tries to change the mindset of youth who are hesitant to use it even though they have the desire to use it.

She says that their customers are their brand models. They publicize the products with their feedback, mainly through the word of mouth.

Now, Paradyes has an office in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. A team of 15 people are working in the office.

The startup fulfils around 150 orders daily. They grow each month. It clocked a revenue of ₹3.5 crores in the last financial year.

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