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Papacream offers different flavours of vegan ice cream

Papacream offers different flavours of vegan ice cream

Nowadays, various types of ice creams are available in the market. Here is a startup that offers different flavours of vegan ice cream.

Tanvi Chowdhri is a food lover. Her love for food made her experiment with various types of foods. She pursued a degree in mechanical engineering in the USA. At that time, she used to meet chefs at weekends to know their cooking styles. She wanted to launch a food startup.

Tanvi returned to India in 2015 after the completion of her degree. She wanted to enter the market to provide food that gives a world-class experience to customers. She fulfilled her dream of becoming an entrepreneur by launching Papacream, an ice cream brand.

Papacream offers ice creams in different flavours like pani puri sorbet, nacho-cheese ice cream etc. Tanvi says the name of ice creams create curiosity among customers and lead them to buy eventually. The startup sells ice cream in a packaging format.

Tanvi believes in the concept of ‘Made in India’. She wanted to let her customers realize with the quality of products that high-quality products are manufactured in India also.

At present, Papacream offers around 15 gourmet ice cream flavours in vegan, gluten-free and many more. Some popular flavours of Papacream are French vanilla, vegan and regular raspberry sorbet, salted caramel etc. Besides, it sells ice cream cakes like vegan mango vanilla, vegan coffee chocolate, and many more.

Papacream collaborated with film producer Rhea Kapoor during the lockdown to improve business and increase sales. It launched new flavours like After School Sundae, Hazelnut Cold Coffee, and Brown Butter Biskut. The price of ice creams starts from ₹375, and the cost of cakes is ₹1,500 and more. Its revenues were increased multifold in the last year alone.

The startup has its own website to sell its products. It also sells on Swiggy, Big Basket, and Instamart. Besides, these ice creams are also available in various stores across 15 cities in India.

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