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These women sell vegan candies and earn lakhs

Women who sell vegan candies earn lakhs

The number of vegans is growing across the globe, and so are vegan food products. Realizing the business potential, these Mumbai women launched a startup to offer vegan candies.

Aashnee Gajaria and Sandhya Seshadari from Mumbai launched Niblerzz to offer sugar-free and gluten-free vegan candies. In addition, these candies do not contain artificial colours or preservatives.

Before launching their startup, Aashnee and Sandhya worked in an advertising agency. Both became friends soon and wished to start a business venture.

Several ideas came to their mind; however, their love for confectionery led them to launch a startup to offer candies.

Before starting their venture in April 2022, the duo researched the market and learned many things. Unlike people in developed countries, many Indians are not aware of the sugar and salt contents in the packed food they eat. Many brands sell in the name of sugar-free use of sugar alcohol, which eventually affects gut health in the long term.

In this context, Aashnee and Sandhya decided to start a confectionary brand with natural ingredients like fruits. Their candies and gummies are made from fruit pulp obtained naturally without using any chemicals.

Instead of using artificial colours, they use turmeric and paprika for colouring their candies and gummies. Also, they use pectin extracted from apple peels, oranges, and lemons as an alternative to gelatin. Thus, the duo assures their candies are free from artificial preservatives and flavours.

Their vegan candies and gummies are available in three variants – mango, orange, and mixed fruit. They are delivered to your doorsteps when ordered through their website. Both adults and children like their candies and gummies.

Though the duo loves orange gummies, many customers love their mixed fruit gummies. It is their best-selling gummy. The duo makes money in lakhs per month.

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