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Oorjan – Solar energy for villages

Oorjan – Solar energy for villages

Energy sources have been becoming a major issue in the past several years. Many have become concerned with the possible depletion of commonly-used non-renewable energy resources, such as oil and coal.

Concerns have also been raised about the damage done to the planet’s environment by these energy sources, since they are one of the most prominent sources of carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

Therefore, many people would prefer to switch to cleaner, renewable sources of energy, but switching to these power sources is often too expensive and cumbersome. However, a Mumbai-based solar energy startup called Oorjan Cleantech is working to make the switch to renewable solar power a much simpler and more affordable option for everyone.

Oorjan was founded by a duo from IIT Bombay, Roli Gupta and Gautam Das. The startup was founded under the mindset that, in this day and age, clean and renewable energy should not be as hard to come by as it is. The purpose of Oorjan is to simplify the installation of solar power.

The company’s rooftop photovoltaic (PV) systems can be installed either on roofs or on shade-free balconies, taking up about 300 to 500 square feet. With the Oorjan app, customers can keep track of the performance of their solar panels, and the app can alert them to any issues happening with the solar panels.

Oorjan’s solar panels can even produce energy during the monsoon season. Although they only get 30% to 40% production during the monsoons as opposed to 100% production in the summer, they still provide enough power to get by.

Currently, Oorjan has completed 70 projects so far, and the team estimates their revenue to be about ₹15 crore. The company is planning to scale up plans in the near future, including finding ways to provide solar panels to apartment owners.

Oorjan – Solar energy for villages

The team behind Oorjan.

New designs will soon be coming into the market as well, such as a solar sheet which can be plastered over a sun-exposed window.

With a simple and affordable way to switch to clean and renewable energy, Oorjan will hopefully pave the way for more renewable energy usage in the future.

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