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Nimble Vision helps track water consumption at home

Nimble Vision helps track water consumption at home

Nowadays, many startups are coming into the field to solve current issues. Nimble Vision is one such startup.

It was started by a husband and wife duo, Chinnayya Math and Vaishali Chinnayya in this year to track water consumption at homes so that water usage can be reduced.

Nimble Vision is a Bengaluru based startup. Several metro cities in India are facing water crisis due to drying up of groundwater resources.

As a result, many households have to rely on water supply from tankers. Like all other residents of Bengaluru, this couple also was buying water tankers. They had spent ₹2,500 to ₹3,000 to buy a minimum of six tankers per month.

Chinnayya wondered how his family was consuming so much water and where the wastage was occurring.

He began exploring solutions to track water consumption. However, he did not find any such things available in the market to track water usage.

He shared this matter with his wife and both wanted to find out a solution.

They founded Nimble Vision to conserve water and reduce water usage.

Ni – The Water Saviour is their first product. It is a WiFi-based smart water level controller for homes and apartments.

This internet of things (IoT) enabled device can be plugged into the tanks of homes.  It comes with an automatic motor switch as per the water threshold to reduce water wastage.

The device can be operated remotely.

It gives real-time status updates about the overhead water tank and water level in it on the smartphones of users. The water consumption details would be provided for every 10 minutes, weekly, monthly and even yearly basis.

It also detects water leakages and monitors water levels in the sump.

It even can place an order automatically to the supplier via SMS or email, based on the water levels.

The couple tested their device with their acquaintances and validated the product.

Now they launched it in the market.

Image Reference: Yourstory

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