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Name your baby with nameRnewborn

Name your baby with nameRnewborn

NameRnewborn is one of the newest Indian startups with a new concept. It is a one stop solution for the naming needs of newly born babies.

This platform allows you to get baby name suggestions by talented general public.

The company uses an innovative real time crowd sourcing model so that you can name your baby in an innovative way.

Two types of contests are being held by the company on their website: Speed and Standard contest.

Generally Standard contests runs for two weeks and Speed contest runs for one week. And each contest has three phases. Those who want to suggest names for new babies should register with the website.

Parents who want to find a good name for their babies can run a contest here.

Phase one starts when a parent creates a contest. All the registered users will be intimated about the new contest. Those who want to participate can send their names.

In the second phase, all the submitted names are ranked by naming experts. Based on the rankings, best 100 names are placed in the top.

In the last phase, parents need to review the best ranked names and choose the appropriate name for their baby. The parents can also select the winning name. Parents also have the option to like or dislike the name.

Name your baby with nameRnewborn

Name your baby with nameRnewborn

If the parents fail to choose a winning name then the contest award goes to the naming expert based on the expert’s choice. Winners will be paid via online bank transfer if they are based in India. If they are outside from India, they will be paid by PayPal.

Naming experts can participate in as many contests as they wish and suggest names. However, the names will have to be approved by the admin before they get published on the platform.

Image Reference: Startuphyderabad, Economictimes

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