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My Little Moppet offers homemade baby food

My Little Moppet offers homemade baby food

Old is gold. In the olden days, grandmothers would feed homemade food to newborns. Later many corporates replaced their role by offering instant baby food. Several parents had been buying them to feed their babies. This trend continued for some years.

But, the trend has changed. Now, many parents prefer homemade food to feed their newborns and toddlers. However, due to lack of time, they seek the help of startups that offer homemade food for babies.

My Little Moppet is one such startup that offers organic homemade baby food. Dr Hemapriya Natesan is the founder of the startup.

She turned into an entrepreneur accidentally. After delivering a baby girl, Dr Hemapriya started a blog, My Little Moppet, to share her feelings and thoughts about the newborn.

At that time, she shared a recipe for babies with others. It is the recipe of her mother and mother-in-law. This traditional recipe is a multigrain mix.

Many people liked the recipe and asked whether she could supply it. She decided to launch her startup in the name of her blog.

That’s how her startup, My Little Moppet, emerged into the market. The startup offers nutritional food to babies and toddlers, like baby cereal, health mixes, health drinks, instant porridge mixes etc. It sells over 200 products.

Consumers can shop for these products on the website. In addition to that, they can find numerous articles and videos on healthy recipes for their newborns.

Dr Hemapriya hired more than 50 women to make the products. The startup has a production unit in Madurai. It delivers its products across the country.

Customers can buy trial packs that contain 100 grams of health mixes. These trial packs are priced in the range of ₹149 to ₹302.

Over one lakh mothers used its products for their babies. My Little Moppet generated revenue of ₹3 crores in the last year.

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