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Little Farm Co. sells fresh pickles

Little Farm Co. sells fresh pickles

Usually, the pickles available in the market have additives and preservatives. Unlike home-made pickles, they contain different types of artificial preservatives.

Some people do not like the taste and aroma of these preservatives.

Niharika Bhargava is one who used to recollect her childhood memory of fresh aroma of home-made pickles. Especially, she likes the aroma of freshly-pickled mandarin oranges.

She turned it to a business idea.

Niharika is a postgraduate in Marketing Strategy and Innovation from Cass Business School, London. She decided to start a farm-to-fork startup by quitting her marketing job.

Her startup, The Little Farm Co. sells farm-fresh, handmade and organic products. These products do not contain any artificial preservatives and additives.

The products of The Little Farm Co. include pickles, chutneys, marmalades, salad dressings and superfoods.

All vegetables, fruits, oils and spices are grown on their own farm.

Before starting her venture, Niharika researched the market and recognized that despite the craving of many people for home-made pickles, they don’t have enough time to make them at home.

The pickles available in the market have artificial preservatives that pose health risks.

So, she made some pickles without any artificial additives and put up small stalls at exhibitions. The response was overwhelming and she never returned without leftover stock.

She tied up with ASHA, an NGO to recruit her team. The NGO helped her recruit marginalised and destitute women, single mothers and women in need of employment.

The Little Farm Co. uses natural preservatives like sugarcane vinegar, freshly cold-pressed mustard or sesame oil and pink salt.

Even the fruits and vegetables are naturally ripened and naturally sun-dried. They are plucked just before the commencement of the pickling process.

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